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Monday, May 16, 2011

song mayoigo sahashi

Come with me, tan tan tan.
I’ll tell you the answer soon
This way, tan tan tan.
Return any violence that you have

Almost, ton ton ton.
You should be welcoming the tragedy you opened, right?
It’s become quiet at last, the equinoctial week has come at last, silence.

The darkness is broken, the song flows.
Don’t look at the lost child’s body
The darkness becomes weary, the song charms.
In the end, someone saw me

Birth, ten ten ten.
I want to forget the meaning of walking
Stop, ten ten ten.
If I return, everything will become a lie.

So, ton ton ton.
I’ll tell you the answer soon
Gently, life, gently, I put out the fire of life

The dream is broken, the wings are torn.
Cruelty is the nature of people, right?
A piece of the dream, each of the feathers.
There is an end, right? I have seen the end.


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