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Saturday, May 14, 2011

song key pashe 1

Key of The light is a Chain reaction, Man and Woman reflecting each other
Key of The dark, my Red eye gazes to see Dead or Alive

I’d been searching for the truth, while wandering aimlessly
Billions of Elements intertwine with me (I feel), in midst of thought

The Chaotic town is quaking, so completely in Confusion
The Spiritual pain won’t disappear, so Where do we go?

Key of The life, what do we start dancing for?
Key of The light, guide me to the other side of the dark night

Why do you smile at me with tender eyes?
The door that was shut is about to open, and you’re just like an angel of grief

My soul is trembling in the Chemistry of warmth
While listening to the voice of my heart (awake), I advance in a Pandora world

Hand of goddess, the pulse of fate starts echoing
Key of The dark will be born, our bond spreads its wings

Key of The life, what do we start singing for?
Key of The light, tinged with heat, the future lures me

Light and shadows shake infinitely, angels start dancing with demons
The DNA memory that transcended time is the Key of The life, and the truth is right there…


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