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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The light of love you lit in your eyes one day
transcends time
and surely destroy one dream
of this world that hurries to its ruin.

Swallow down your hesitation.
What is it that you wish for?
On the path of yearning as greedy as this,
will there be a transient tomorrow?

Like ancient magic
that I dreamed of when I was young,
With the power to shatter even the darkness
I want to meet the smiling you
In these frightened hands of mine,
I have the courage of handpicked flowers
My feelings alone are all that I rely upon,
a wish that will awaken
the light.

Someday, you will also wish for great power
For the sake of someone else, I suppose.
In the night when love captured your heart,
unknown words are born.

If I can go on without losing my way,
I don’t mind if my heart is broken to pieces.
I want a spell
that can let me confront
the sorrow that is always in front of my eyes.

You are a memory that still dreams
I am the sleepless tomorrow
I will move forward in order to attain
the miracle of the two of us meeting.
What I hold in these frightened hands of mine
is a sword of handpicked flowers.
My feelings alone are all that live,
a wish that I brandish
within my heart.

When I liked books about wonderlands
Illuminated by an imprisoned sun,
I believed in the fairy tales that
Taught me that wishes would surely
Come true

Magic from ancient times
bloomed wildly in silence.
“The power to change the world
Lies in those hands of yours”, it gently whispers.
Let us have an unending dream.
During this time I go through with you,
my feelings alone are all that live.
What will create life is
this wish.


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