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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 3

The night the friends I was good and funny, how are you all friends of me, I hope you guys are in good condition and of course in the Protection of god amen, I will not here a lot of comments because I knew I was not necessarily true, but I'm in here to tell about the TV series Blue Rooki sure you already knew and wanted to see But wait before watching the show I hope you stopped going to my site, Rooki Blue Season 2 episode 3 Bad Moon Rising will be broadcast on Thursday, July 7, 2011, Happy watching, I hope you are entertained by the TV series, I previously expressed his gratitude for visiting ANAD to my site.

synopsis of the episode a littl Rooki Blue Season 2 episode 3 Bad Moon Rising: The full moon brings out the crazies as Andy and Swarek tracked down a man distracted while looking into the theft of three severed heads of the medical laboratory. Andy tries to protect a young woman who might become the next victim, and eventually put himself in danger and Luke. therefore you have to watch this little synopsis, you will see is a close friend, close relative or loved one to watch Season 2 Episode 3 rookie Blue Bad Moon Rising.

Nice to Meet You show your friends and enjoy Rookie Season 2 Episode 3 Bad Moon Rising Blue I hope this information is useful to you and other viewers.


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